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A Servant Like Jesus Testimonials

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A Servant Like Jesus


A Servant Like Jesus is a cute children’s book written by Lee Ann Mancini and illustrated by Dan Sharp. The story focuses on the first day of school for Charlie the crab, who overcomes his feelings of shyness to help out his teacher and classmates. The book sends a positive Christian message about having a servant’s heart like Jesus.

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The Kai

Charlie is a little crab at his first day of Fish School, and he’s too shy to join the other children in class. But when a schoolmate gets injured, it’s up to Charlie to pray for the courage to jump in and help. The illustrations are so cute! I love the bright colors and adorable little fish friends.

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Deuce Skunks

What exactly does it mean to be a servant like Jesus? In A Servant Like Jesus, by Lee Ann Mancini, Charlie finds out. Charlie the crab is very shy at the beginning of his first day of school. But when his classmates have problems sharing, Charlie does what’s right and tells the teacher everything he’d witnessed.

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Cover Lover

A Servant Like Jesus – This is such a sweet story about being brave enough to step out of your comfort zone and be a helper to others. “I could use a teacher’s helper. Would you be my helper?” asked Miss Stella.

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Epic Fehl

What makes this series so warm and lovely to read to or with a child are all the wonderful, spirit-strengthening messages and morals Mancini infuses into these simple stories. Just with this story alone, Mancini encourages her young readers to embrace their unique gifts and abilities, teaching them to see that each person plays a valuable role in making this world as a whole a better place.

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