Thekai – GLM Publishing


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I loved this sweet children’s picture book, and I was so impressed with the story and the positive Christian messages! The illustrations are beautiful, and there is a little Christian fish symbol hidden on every page! How cool is that?! I had so much fun looking for each little symbol.
Each of the little fish on the playground have their own individual personalities, and the story really shows how they interact in a special way.

One little fish, Melissa, is always bragging about things and making a nuisance of herself. Her friend, Cory, decides that instead of being mad at her, he will try to help her feel better about herself. All the little fish in the class come together to help their friend, and learn a lesson along the way. It’s an age-old story, but it’s told in such a unique way and with such charm, that it actually made me cry and laugh!

I have seldom read a children’s book with such a well-organized story arc, engaging illustrations, and detailed characters. I love it!