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Readers Digest

WHAT A BRAGGER by Lee Ann Mancini is a wonderful book that combines two lessons for young children–that you shouldn’t brag and that you should get your strength from Jesus–in one. An excellent reminder for both children and adults in this competitive, hectic world. The professional illustrations by Dan Sharp make the book pop. Highly recommended!
The production values of this book make it stand out among any others immediately. The title jumps out. The yellow fish is wearing eyeglasses! So amusing! When you turn the book over and learn that Dan Sharp is an industry veteran who has illustrated for such giants as Disney, Warner Brothers, and American Greetings, you understand why he knows exactly how to grab the consumer’s attention. Then you see that the author, Lee Ann Mancini, is no slouch. She has earned her right to author this book by earning a Master of Christian Studies degree. No wonder this is a worthy book.
I really hope many people discover WHAT A BRAGGER. People of faith will appreciate it, but people of all faiths or no faith appreciate those who practice humility. A hidden picture bonus is lots of fun, too.
The author and illustrator have done a great job! I hope this team will continue to work together on many more books!

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