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A Servant Like Jesus is a cute children’s book written by Lee Ann Mancini and illustrated by Dan Sharp. The story focuses on the first day of school for Charlie the crab, who overcomes his feelings of shyness to help out his teacher and classmates. The book sends a positive Christian message about having a servant’s heart like Jesus.

Mancini captures the nervousness that young children may experience on the first day of school, so it would be a good book to read with your kids before they start or return to school. Mancini’s story shows children that it is normal to feel shy or miss their parents while away at school, and relying on God can help them feel brave and have a servant’s heart. Sharp’s colorful illustrations look vibrant and beautiful. Each of the sea creatures have expressive faces, and the pages are full of intricate detail.

A Servant Like Jesus is part of Mancini and Sharp’s Adventures of the Sea Kids series, which also includes Fast Freddy, What a Bragger, and I’m Not Afraid. If you’re contemplating which one to read first, I recommend starting with Fast Freddy.