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Deuce Skunks

What exactly does it mean to be a servant like Jesus? In A Servant Like Jesus, by Lee Ann Mancini, Charlie finds out. Charlie the crab is very shy at the beginning of his first day of school. But when his classmates have problems sharing, Charlie does what’s right and tells the teacher everything he’d witnessed. Later, during a class field trip, one of Charlie’s new friends is hurt and he doesn’t hesitate to help his friend. Charlie takes the time to pray, helping to teach the readers that they can talk to Jesus any time they feel the need. Charlie quickly realizes that while new people and places can be scary, it’s also the perfect time to come forward, be brave, and help out, being a servant like Jesus.

This book is short (around 30 pages), and only has a few sentences on each page. Its full color illustrations, by Dan Sharp, on every page are absolutely gorgeous and wonderful for capturing the young target audience. There are also little Bible pictures hidden on the pages, to give an interactive challenge to those that are big enough. I found this adorable book to be a welcome addition in my home, and think it would be perfect to add to the library at a Christian preschool, daycare, or as a gift for the young ones in your life. 5/5 stars.

Deuce Skunks