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Cover Lover

A Servant Like Jesus-  This is such a sweet story about being brave enough to step out of your comfort zone and be a helper to others.

“I could use a teacher’s helper. Would you be my helper?” asked Miss Stella.

The first day of class has begun, and many of the sea kids are uncomfortable in their new surroundings. They initially have problems with shyness, sharing, and missing their parents. Soon the teacher, Miss Stella Starfish, comforts and calms them, and assigns young Charlie to be her helper. This gives Charlie, the young crab, confidence to step out of his comfort zone and even allows him to help a fellow sea kid who gets hurt on a field trip. Lessons are learned, prayers are said, and the first day of school becomes a great success.

This slim, softcover book contains short, easy to read narration, and bold, colorful illustrated pages. The sea kids are fun and loveable, and the gentle message is appropriate and relatable for young readers (and listeners.)

I’m so pleased with this entire series and the Christian messages taught to our young ones. Communicating love, understanding, acceptance, and the Gospel, these short reads guide children toward a common goal—faith in Jesus and His teachings.

A fun tidbit on the last page prompts the reader to go back and search for the hidden Bible pictures on each page—a purposeful reminder for the reader to examine the illustrations as they learn the story.

This is a powerful and fun addition to any child’s library or bookshelf, and makes a meaningful and educational gift.

5 Stars

Cover Lover