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Teach your children the true meaning of Easter in a vivid, kid-friendly way with the Easter Book Kit.

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Author Lee Ann Mancini has won more than 25 awards, including:

See what happens when kids experience the Adventure of the Sea Kids books

These books were designed to

help young children build a strong relationship with Jesus at an early age.


When reading God's Easter Miracles alongside your little one, you can expect them to:

  • gain a better understanding of the true meaning of Easter
  • have a clear example of what it looks like to have a relationship with Jesus
  • be ready for open conversations about faith
  • have lots of fun!

What is in the Kit?

When you purchase God's Easter Miracles, you will receive:

  • a hardback copy of God's Easter Miracles
  • a printable PDF full of activities for your child, including coloring pages and conversations starters
  • a printable 31-Day devotional to do alongside your child

Parents across the United States are raving about the Adventure of the Sea Kids series...

Sally Ferguson

God’s Easter Miracles provides a story arc, problem solving for children, learning practical ways to care for others, and what it means to be a follower of Jesus. It even has a hidden symbol that adds a puzzle to solve. I am delighted to recommend this gem to parents, grands, and all who love children.

Book Crash

In God’s Easter Miracles, the sea kids learn that Easter isn’t about the Easter bunny or candy. It’s about Jesus Christ giving up His life for all of us, and how we are to sacrifice ourselves for others. Paul, who is autistic, struggles with relationships, Jimmy doesn’t want to share, and Lenny clings to life due to a terrible boat accident. On Easter Sunday, the children witness the power of their prayers. Their Sunday School teacher, Miss Linda, tells the children,“Truly, God has blessed us with many Easter miracles. Lenny was healed, and Jimmy asked Jesus into his heart.” Even Paul has a miraculous change of heart. A true lesson of becoming more like Jesus is learned in this beautiful Easter story of love and grace.


Yet another stunning addition to a beloved children’s series, God’s Easter Miracles continues the success of the Adventures of the Sea Kids series. Author Lee Ann Manciniand illustrator Dan Sharp team up again to design a book worthy of sharing. Touching on Easter, autism, and Manatee rescue through prayers, empathy and miracles, the messages are presented in an age-appropriate manner and encircled with gorgeous, full-page, charming pictures which will be positively embraced. Well done (again)!