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Friendship - Obedience - Stewardship


In these three adorable adventures, June, Mandy, Susie, Freddy, and the rest of the Sea Kids learn the importance of getting along, being organized, and keeping God's earth clean!

About These Episodes

“Better Together”- Mandy feels threatened by Susie and June’s friendship. Susie seeks Jesus in prayer, asking for wisdom. Apologies are exchanged and a group hug solidifies that three friends are better than two.

 “Cleanliness is Next to Godliness- Susie can be very messy and lazy. She learns there are consequences for disobedience and rewards for obedience.

“This is My Father’s World”-Freddy is a litterbug. He prays to Jesus, asking Jesus to help him be a good example for others and learns a valuable lesson in stewardship.