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Animation Series

Freddy, David, Melissa, and their friends face the same dilemmas children face today, such as peer pressure, temptation, fear, forgiving others, listening to parents, dealing with bullies, lack of self-esteem, and so much more!

"Children and parents will appreciate the imaginative world you have created that introduces them to the qualities and actions of a life following and obeying the Lord Jesus." - Scottie May, Content Consultant for Big Idea Entertainment, Production Company for Veggie Tales


“The Respect Effect”- Marcus falsely promises to teach David his bubble burst skill. As David waits to learn this skill, Marcus becomes a bad influence on David.

“Sharing is Caring”- Twin sisters, June and January, like to argue.  They learn loving each other and putting others first is most important.

 “Unique Gifts”- Carter wants to play basketball but Marcus thinks Carter is too little and not fast enough. Carter demonstrates his winning skills and Marcus demands that Carter be on his team next time.


“Better Together”- Mandy feels threatened by Susie and June’s friendship. Susie seeks Jesus in prayer, asking for wisdom. Apologies are exchanged and a group hug solidifies that three friends are better than two.

 “Cleanliness is Next to Godliness- Susie can be very messy and lazy. She learns there are consequences for disobedience and rewards for obedience.

“This is My Father’s World”-Freddy is a litterbug. He prays to Jesus, asking Jesus to help him be a good example for others and learns a valuable lesson in stewardship.


This educational workbook is designed to accompany the Sea Kids books and the animation series. Using open-ended questions, quizzes, and word searches, each lesson will help reinforce the biblical principles being taught.